B2B Marketing and Selling

  • As a business that markets and sells to other businesses, you have to understand that marketing is the foundation of your sales effort.

  • Sales success is the result of time and effort.

    • It takes between seven or eight touches to make a sale (or not, since not all contact means that a prospect will buy). 

    • In this Internet age, it takes more touches. 

    • Why? 

      • Because we have become both 'ad blind' and somewhat 'insensitive' to touches. 

    • This means that your communication (and touches) need to be different from others 

    • They cannot be imitations or copies of what everyone else is doing

    • It needs to be believable and sincere, and it needs to be memorable. 

  • The reality is that there is a process to it.

  • Another reality is that products and services do NOT sell themselves. 

  • B2B selling needs to be planned and based on the foundation of an effective B2B marketing strategy.

  • Sales is a focused activity and requires a strategic approach. 

  • Your business growth strategy must include writing a marketing and sales plan. Why?

    • You can build the foundation for successful sales activity. 

    • Without a marketing plan, sales efforts are often weak and unfocused - and sales targets will be challenging to achieve.

  • Business-to-Business Selling Preperation Checklist:

    • Know:

      • your product or service.

      • your business (you own it; you'd better know it).

      • what is unique about your product or service - you focus on value based sales. 

    • List your product's, or service's, features, advantages and benefits without looking at a 'cheat sheet'. 

    • Identify what differentiate you from your competitors.

    • Develop a sales contact management program to get prospects or leads.

    • Make sure that you've built a strong B2B Supply Chain - because you need a strong supply chain to provide outstanding products and service.

    • Have your sales story ready.

      • What is it about your product or service that has value for your prospective client.

    • Then, you make your sales call.

  • Can't get past the 'gatekeeper' (this could be a receptionist, a secretary or worst of all - a voice mail system)?

    • If the gatekeeper is a receptionist or a secretary or any other live body - 

      • be nice, 

      • e reasonable, 

      • find a way to have them help you to get to the person making a buying decision. 

      • If a voice mail system is in your way, don't call - go in person and make inquiries at the front office counter.

  • Through your sales efforts, move your client to want your product or service (towards your desired result).

  • Whatever you promise: deliver (and, where ever possible, over-deliver).

  • Follow up and follow through on the sale. 

  • Make sure your client was not only satisfied, but delighted. 

  • The goal is to develop clients into repeat customers.

  • In business to business selling, you may also need to develop a Request for Proposals template, a Request for Quotation template, and learn the importance of effective proposal writing to your sales process.




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